RL Remodeling’s mission is designing outdoor living spaces appropriate to Los Angeles climate, while integrating the elements of architecture, landscapes and pool designs together. RL remodeling truly creates “outdoor rooms” or water scrapes that function as an extension of your home where you can swim, entertain and relax.
Our design process is simple. We work closely with our clients to create a living environment that reflects and enhances their lifestyle, while incorporating elements that highlight existing features and space. Our Project Managers and Designers work thoughtfully integrating the indoor with outdoor space.
RL Remodeling believes that good space planning, aesthetic and durable materials, along with quality craftsmanship are the ingredients for a vibrant and livable outdoor space. We specialize in backyard Design, Backyard remodel, Pool Design and remodel, hardscape, landscaping design, Patios, outdoor kitchen, outdoor BBQ and fireplace, Working with us you will be assigned; a dedicated Project Manager during the entire project duration, access to our design team, and peace of mind after reading our amazing reviews.
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Other Services
 we Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked 

Generally, expect to pay anywhere from $5,000up to $20,000 for a pool remodeling job. Basic pool resurfacing will run on the lower end of that range while plumbing and technology upgrades will fall on the higher end. Also pool will be brought up to codes. A complete backyard pool transformation can run up to $100,000. Other factors involving a pool cost will be the location of the pool, is it hillside? slope?
The length of time to complete your pool remodel project really depends on the scope of work being performed. If you desire to replace coping, tile, and plaster, you can typically expect your swimming pool and hot tub remodel to be complete within three weeks or less. A hillside, slope may need further investigations and soil reports prior to starting.
Traditional pool resurfacing materials require a high level of maintenance and will only last 5-10 years before it needs to be replaced. We generally would expect a Pebble Tec surface to last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance
Yes they will, however, don’t expect to get a complete return on your investment. But do take into consideration that many homebuyers are attracted to homes with pools and inviting backyards.
Hiring a general contractor is a good idea for many remodeling projects. Home renovation contractors have a broad range of skills to manage, coordinate and complete a project. They should help make sure your project comes in on time and within your budget as they hire and supervise all the necessary subcontractors, including electricians and plumbers. They also handle procuring all the materials required for your job. Some homeowners look to save money by acting as their own contractor, but an experienced home renovation contractor is worth the cost. They should know local building codes, be able to pull all necessary permits, and work with inspectors to make sure the construction meets local codes. Also, because they get professional discounts, they can typically buy materials at a better price than you can; better prices on materials and labor save you money, and make up for at least a percentage of the cost of the contractor.
Absolutely, over the years we have acquired lots of references. your project Manager will gladly provide you with a list of local references, with remodeling projects similar to the project you are seeking to perform. Some of our past customers let us show our work by touring their remodeled home.
Yes, our estimates are always free. In fact, sometimes a second and third meeting is needed, and all are free of charge.
Our estimates typically last well over an hour. We like to take our time hearing you out, and answering any questions you have. Our Project Managers usually have photos to show you of our work, and examples of materials.
Yes and no. Some of our customers call us when they are well prepared and ready to go. Some already have chosen the materials to be used in their remodeling project, while others are a blank slate. In any way, our Project Mangers are skilled to assist and help you with all your wants, needs as well as your budget.
Frequently Asked Questions We charge an initial deposit which is no greater than $1,000. After that, the project is broken down into stage payments per task. For instance, first payment – upon Demolition, next payment – upon rough plumbing.. etc. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit cards.
Your main contact will be your assigned Project Manager. He will be in touch with you on a daily basis, supervising and overseeing the entire project until completion.
Some home remodeling projects that add value to a home include:
  1. Remodeling the Kitchen, especially wit the latest design trends.
  2. Adding a bathroom to existing home.
  3. Room addition and or expanding the living space.
  4. Converting a Room or enclosing an open space.
  5. Adding Energy-Efficient Windows.
  6. Building a deck and or patio.
  7. Adding Energy-Efficient Insulation.
  8. Basic Updates. such as paint, modern doors, LED recess lighting, fresh paint.
  9. Backyard update and remodel including adding a pool and spa.
  10. Adding curb appeal by remodeling and upgrading the exterior.

RL Remodeling, Inc. Backyard Transformation Service

A lot may agree that nothing ruins a sunny day then not o enjoy your backyard. Not only that a bad-looking backyard may change your mood –it will also make a bad impression on people who see your house every single day. Not only that, a gnarly backyard may also degrade the value of your home, thus making it worse. It is so important that you change your backyard for the better. Having said that, you will need a professional helping hand –just like the RL Remodeling, Inc.

RL Remodeling, Inc. Backyard Remodel Service

The mission of RL Remodeling, Inc. is to design outdoor living spaces that are appropriate to the climate that Los Angeles has while integrating landscapes, architecture, and pool designs all at the same time. RL Remodeling, Inc. is responsible for creating water scrapes or outdoor rooms that work as an extension of your own home where you might be able to swim, relax, and entertain.

RL Remodeling, Inc.’s process of designing is very simple. They work closely with their clients, in order to create a living environment, which reflects and improves their lifestyle, while incorporating elements, which highlight the existing space and features. Their set of Designers and Project Manages thoughtfully work in integrating the transformation in the client’s backyard.

The company believes that good aesthetic, space planning, and hard-wearing materials, together with high-end craftsmanship are important for a livable and vibrant outdoor space. RL Remodeling, Inc. specializes in backyard remodel –working with them, you will be assigned with a Project Manager all throughout the whole duration of the project, access to their design team, and more.

Does Backyard Transformation Increase Your Property Value?

Landscaping or backyard remodeling may increase the resale value of a property by as high as 14%. Further, the sale of a property may also increase by as fast as six weeks. For instance, a landscaped backyard or curb may increase the home value by as much as 4.4%; and a patio landscaping may raise your property value by 12.4%.

Additionally, it’s also undeniable that adding spa and pool may increase the home value –more especially in Southern California. Aside from creating outdoor sitting and entertainment, it will surely attract more buyers.

Check out some of RL Remodeling, Inc.’s past back transformation projects and you will see that all of them are successful and are of great quality.

If you are planning to transform your backyard, call RL Remodeling, Inc. at (888) 839-3211. They will be of great help to you in all your backyard transformation concerns. What’s more, they also offer a free consultation, where you can ask questions and they’ll answer you with their best knowledge. Hiring RL Remodeling, Inc. for your backyard transformation needs –you will not regret it!

Advantages of a Backyard Remodel

If you live in a warmer climate, it just makes sense to expand your living area by utilizing your property’s outdoor space. You can easily do this in California, where people love to bask in the sunshine and enjoy activities on their patio or beside a pool.

Therefore, a backyard remodel can give you more living space while creating a natural flow between your outdoor and indoor living environments. Open up your living area by adding oversized doors or windows that link the inside and outside. When remodeling the backyard space, think about the ambience you wish to create so you can better enjoy your indoor living space.

Backyard Improvements

The outdoor area might feature amenities, such as the following:

  • Adequate lighting (solar-powered and LED)
  • Water features, such as a fish-stocked pond or fountain
  • A covered section, so a rain shower or sun will not prevent you from using the space
  • A fireplace or fire pit to keep warm on chilly evenings
  • A walkway and a garden
  • An outdoor grill and kitchen area – ideal for entertaining
  • A wall-mounted music system or TV

By planning a backyard remodel, you can appreciate your living space more and add to your quality of life.

Expanding Your Opportunities for Entertainment

By expanding your living space to the backyard, you can also create more opportunities to entertain. If you love to entertain family and friends, but are limited in your ability to do so, you can use the outdoors to compensate.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

For example, a backyard remodel might include the installation of a backyard kitchen – one that uses the same design pattern you normally use for an indoor kitchen.

In this case, your goal is to create task-specific areas, such as the following:

  • A cold area (for refrigeration)
  • A hot area (for your cooktop and grill)
  • A wet area (for the sink)
  • A dry area (for the counter and storage)

A contemporary outdoor kitchen, when well-designed, will work both efficiently and cohesively, and accommodate you well space-wise. Moreover, you can entertain and cook in natural surroundings, which will also improve your mood, especially if you need more space to entertain.

Adding to Your Home’s Value

A second quarter survey conducted by the American Institute of Architects (AID) showed that outdoor living rooms have sparked consumer interest, and are number 1 on lists of home upgrades. This interest can include popular outdoor room improvements that include the following:

  • Patio remodels
  • Fire-pit additions
  • Total kitchen additions
  • In-ground hardscaped pools
  • Fountains (and other water features)

Would you like to upgrade your backyard? If so, now is a good time to do so. By remodeling your backyard area, you can increase your real estate’s value, improve your quality of life, and increase your living space. If you want to spend more time outdoors, this is a good way to do it.

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