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Home Remodel & Design Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Home Remodel & Design Contractor
in Los Angeles, CA

Home Remodel & Design
in Los Angeles, CA

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Why Us

License # 885032

Specializing in Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom remodel, Backyard remodel, Room addition, Garage Conversions & ADUs. We also build New Constructions and perform commercial remodeling.#

First, Unbeatable Prices. The way we are able to keep our cost down is by giving you direct access of our contractor discount at various wholesale suppliers. Basically, we pass our contractor savings directly to you. The discounts will save you up to 40% on top of the line appliances, tiles, flooring, counter top slabs, fixtures and more! Your dedicated Project Manager will meet you at these locations and help you choose materials, or simply bring live samples for you to choose from.

Second, We Match The Perfect Project Manager For Your Project. Based on the type of work you need done and location of your home, we will match the prefect Project Manager for you. Your Project Manager will be dedicated to your project from start to finish and supervise on a daily basis. Our team consists of various Project Managers who specialize in different fields and project types, such as; Kitchen and Bath Remodel, Room Additions, Backyard transformations and New Constructions. We also make sure that the assigned Project Manager is readily available to focus on your project on a daily basis until completion. The location your home is in is also a factor since each city has its own codes and guidelines, your Project manager will have knowledge and experience in your home’s location.

Third, Direct Access To Our In-Home Team of Architects and Designers. If an Architect or a Designer is needed for your project, immediate consultations will be scheduled with our in-home design team. Having an in-home team has many advantages. First, not having to hire an external party creates a smoother and faster process. Second, it will save you money on your overall project cost. Finally, having all the team involved in the entire project simultaneously ensures that your vision is fully expressed and fulfilled without delays and miscommunication.

Finally, Our Amazing Reviews. Have peace of mind after reading our outstanding reviews from our amazing customers. Some of our customers take the time and write a detailed review about their experience working with us. Over the years we have accumulated many awards including Best of Houzz 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for Super Service, and Angie’s List 2015 Super Service award. In 2017 we were voted #4 best contractor in LA by Build Zoom. We are also reviewed on many platforms such as Yelp, Google, build Zoom, and Social Media platforms. In late 2017 we had the pleasure to be featured on “Million Dollar Listing LA” which aired on Bravo TV for a complete new construction we built in Culver City.

RL Remodeling, Inc. – The Leading Residential Designers In LA

Residential remodels are popular for their busing budgets and schedules. Partnering with a wrong contractor might make or break your remodeling or renovation project, and make it impossible for you to enjoy your home while the construction is ongoing. Los Angeles, being a high-end real estate market, has a confusing and crowded remodel contractor landscape. The leading and the best among all residential designers is the RL Remodeling, Inc.

The RL Remodeling, Inc.

RL Remodeling, Inc. is a General Contractor in Woodland Hills, California founded in 2006. They got their General Building Contractor license by the California license board in the year 2006 and have been constructing under the license number 885032 since then.

Being an expert general contractor, the RL Remodeling, Inc. offers commercial construction, multi-family remodeling, as well as restaurant renovation as their services. Having a satisfactory rate of 152, the company ranks first in the top 1% of the over 335,000 licensed contractors in California. The company has also received a whopping 5-stars rating for their service.

The company was founded with the purpose to help homeowners in achieving their dream home via the implementation of their visions & needs while working with a set budget. The company is composed of well-accomplished, professional architects, craftsmen, and project managers who are experienced and licensed in doing any remodeling tasks.

Furthermore, RL Remodeling, Inc. is the leading residential designers in Los Angeles, having to pull 72 permits. They are also active in Columbus with 107 building permits. Ever since 2014, they’ve filed 107 building permits with a $33,165 average value. Over the past 3 years RL Remodeling has worked on at least 475 new projects. 

The recent projects by RL Remodeling, Inc. include new construction, HVAC work, as well as residential designing.

RL Remodeling, Inc. Services

The services that RL Remodeling, Inc. provide include the following:

  • Remodeling –room addition, pool, design, garage conversion, permits, plans, new construction, backyard remodeling, etc.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Custom Homes
  • Demolition
  • Deck Building and Design
  • Concrete Construction
  • Garage Building
  • Flooring Installation
  • Home Framing
  • Structural Engineering
  • Room Addition
  • Porch Design & Construction
  • Garage Conversion
  • Guest House
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Remodel
  • Backyard Hardscape and Landscape

These are just some of the many services they provide their customers. There is more to them than meets the eye!

If you have any questions about the services they offer, you can consult them anytime –that is for free! Call RL Remodeling, Inc. now, at (888) 839-3211. It is a recommended General Contractor and is a reputable residential designer. Your money will never be put to waste!

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