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Published September 29, 2023

Budget-Friendly Home Remodeling Trends that Increase a Home's Value

Home Remodeling by Dana Laksman


As a homeowner, finding ways to increase your property's value without spending a fortune is always a priority. Luckily, not all home improvements require power remodeling or major renovations.

Affordable Power Home Remodeling

By focusing on areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and lighting, you can achieve an attractive return on home remodeling trends and updates.

Call a Contractor for Your House Remodel For the Best Results

These above types of improvements are easily achievable through a house, kitchen, or bathroom remodel contractor. And they don't require a large output of money. So embrace the potential of your property and make the types of upgrades that are both affordable and valuable to you.

Remodel Walls, Cabinets, Doors and Trims

Applying paint to your walls and cabinets is a cost-effective way to give your home a rejuvenated appearance. Replacing cabinets, focusing on details like trim, or replacing doors, improves things without a lot of financial sacrifice.


A fresh coat of paint, for example, on your bathroom or kitchen walls can create an illusion of roominess while providing an updated look and ambiance. Opting for shades like, off-white, gray or beige adds versatility and attracts a wider range of buyers.

Are you thinking about adding a complementary touch of paint to the walls in your bathroom, dining area, living, room, bedroom, or den? If so, you might want to consider colors like navy, forest green or brick red for your next renovation. For the majority of your walls, use a satin or eggshell finish. The covering will give them a glow without being too shiny or garish.

Cabinet Renovations

Instead of an overall cabinet replacement, you might repaint or replace the storage, whether it's next to the shower or over a countertop. This can usually be done fairly fast by professional contractors. They’ll normally use a primer followed by two coats of paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish - a coat that will add durability.

During the modification, don't forget to update the cabinet hardware to complete the total look.

Doors and Trim Updates in Los Angeles

A painting  project remodel might also extend to the doors and door frames, baseboards. You might install a baseboard or add crown molding as well. Make the whole look cohesive by using the same colors for the trim, cabinets and walls. Or, you might choose a contrasting trim color to make the  architectural details stand out.

To increase the feeling of space--especially important in the bathroom--choose one neutral color. Local contractors can accommodate your renovation needs more easily. Because they are close by, they can offer a more personalized service.

Update Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs

When looking to enhance the value of your home without spending too much money, it's important to focus on lighting upgrades. Outdated or inefficient fixtures should be replaced with energy efficient options that brighten up your space and highlight its best features.

Use the checklist below to make the necessary upgrades.

Replace the Light Bulbs During Your Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, or Bathroom Remodel

Switch to LED light bulbs, as they'll help you save energy. An energy consultation and audit might be a good idea before you revamp your lighting or implement structural remodeling. You can ask about a consultation and audit by contacting your local electrical utility.

Flush or Pendant Lighting Remodel

In living rooms and dens, opt for fixtures such as flush or pendant lights. They provide illumination as well as a touch of style.

For task oriented spaces like kitchens or work areas, under cabinet strip lights or track lighting are ideal choices. They effectively illuminate surface areas where you need the most lighting for work, hobbies, and reading.

Add Sconces for a Decorative Touch in Entryways, by Doors, and for Bathroom Remodel Updates

When it comes to hallways or entryways, installing sconces on either side of a door or window can create quite an impact. Additionally, sconces are both decorative and enhance security. The light is directed precisely where it is needed.

Sconces look eye-catching in the bathroom on either side of the mirror over the sink. If you're seeking a traditional look when coming up with bathroom remodel ideas, this bathroom inspiration might be worth considering. This small bathroom renovation sends out a statement when placed over a vanity or double vanity in a bath.

Bedroom Lighting Renovation Upgrades in Los Angeles

For bedrooms, consider bedside lamps, overhead chandeliers or semi-flush mounted lights, depending on your preferences. Dimmer switches offer control over the amount of light required and provide a relaxing feeling, especially in this area of the house.

Reduce the Costs of Electricity and Improve the Ambience of Each Room

By upgrading the lighting fixtures in your house to energy-efficient lights, you can reduce your energy costs, enhance functionality, and create a spacious and airy ambiance. This small initial investment has the potential to significantly increase the value of your property as well as leave a favorable impression on potential buyers.

Kitchen Ideas for Upgrades in Los Angeles

Now let's move on to some ideas that can really make a difference in boosting your home’s value without breaking the bank. Some golden age builders had futuristic designs in their home plans, so you might be able to keep that old look but make it seem new again.

Give the Cabinets a Facelift

One simple impactful design upgrade is the simple replacement of cabinet hardware. It's a cost-efficient way to give a cooking and dining space an immediate facelift. It's one of those small renovations that can be quite surprising.

Consider selecting a cabinet hardware design that complements the style of your prep, eating, or storage space. For example, steel for a modern cook space or rustic bronze for a farmhouse design prep space are good decorative solutions. This simple adjustment can elevate the appearance of a decor and make it feel more inviting or look more impressive.

As mentioned, you might also repaint or reface your cabinets during design renovations. You don’t have to totally replace your cabinets to make your space feel brand new. A contractor who specializes in remodeling can help you map out a plan that can be done according to your needs - financially and personally.

Add a Backsplash

A new backsplash serves as a focal point while also safeguarding your walls against spills and stains. There are budget options available in ceramic tiles, stone and glass. These types of popular design materials can add a dramatic impact to your decor.

Give the Countertop a Whole New Look

For countertops, use durable design materials like stone, quartz, or lower-cost solid surface materials. You  might also explore the possibility of resurfacing an existing countertop when you schedule a Los Angeles consultation with a contractor. This type of upgrade also works out well around a vanity in the bath.

Review your decor concepts with an interior designer or refer to sites, like Yelp, for testimonials, referrals, or reviews. Use this information when deciding on remodeling contractors. Most contractors offer free price estimates. That way, you can get an idea about what to expect right away.

Replace the Floor

Flooring options like vinyl, linoleum and laminate work exceptionally well in cooking and prep as they require minimal maintenance. Replacing worn-out or outdated flooring can instantly revitalize the space.

Vinyl planks and tiles are particularly noteworthy as they mimic the appearance of wood or stone at a fraction of the cost.

Update Your Prep and Clean-up Area

Along with these minor but significant changes, consider updating your faucet to a low-flow model, which is very economical, or possibly replacing your sink. You can refer to related cost guides, but, in most instances, a consultation and estimate for a sink installation ranges, on average, from $350 to $550.

Bathroom Remodel in Los Angeles

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, a bathroom project is a great renovation. Updating worn-out or outdated bathrooms can significantly attract buyers. Below are some renovating suggestions. Because bathroom remodeling leads to home sales, you can't understate its importance.

Replace Bath Fixtures

Replace faucets, shower heads, towel racks and cabinet hardware with updates in a primary bathroom or half-bath. Popular choices include oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. You can easily give your bathroom a facelift at a minimal cost to you.

Add Low-Flow Energy Efficient Hardware

You can reduce your energy bill and enhance your bathroom's decor by a simple replacement of the shower head or faucet. Installing a low-flow toilet is a low-cost and energy-smart move to make.

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

A fresh coat of paint in modern neutral shades, like gray, beige or light blue, can instantly transform a bathroom into looking brand new.

For higher humidity places, such as the bathroom, use a paint specifically made for that kind of environment. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to open up the space.

Whether you're updating your bath, or an entryway, the best colors to choose are neutral, as neutral shades and tones increase the versatility of the decor. Bathroom remodelers recommend during a consultation a neutral color scheme, as it serves as the canvas for other powder room or spa room upgrades.

Replace the Floor

Another way to update your bathroom is by replacing old flooring with affordable options like vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tiles. These types of materials come in styles that imitate wood or natural stone, which can give your bathroom an impressive look overall.

Just think about updating your bathroom with new ceramic tile and flooring and replacing that outdated look - one of those bathroom makeovers that makes the home building renovation process a rewarding activity.

Ceramic flooring or even ceramic tiles in the shower are great choices as the material is antimicrobial and holds up well in humid environments.

An oxidation process, resulting from photocatalysis (a chemical response that is caused by light), destroys contact bacteria. This elimination process is done naturally and therefore does not impact the integrity or longevity of the tile.

Add Storage

Adding storage is always important for keeping your bathroom organized and free of clutter. After all, clutter is distracting - especially in the bathroom.

Wall cabinets, shelves, recessed shelves and drawer dividers are all affordable remodeling alternatives for storing items in the bathroom. For example, you might consider adding floating shelves, which offer  both display space and storage. Using baskets or bins can help keep things neatly and tidily stored as well.

Bathroom Remodel Trends in Los Angeles

You'll never lose money when you focus on your bathroom. This is one upgrade buyers don't want to make when buying real estate. Let's check out the top 10 trends for this type of remodel.

#1 Bathroom remodel trend - Install a tankless water heater

You'll have hot water right away and save space and energy as well if you live in a smaller space.

#2 Bathroom remodel trend - Install energy-efficient faucets

Unlike the name, a low-flow faucet produces a nice even flow of water and will help you save money on your utility bill.

#3 Bathroom remodel trend - Replace a bathtub and shower with a new shower

To open up the space in your bath, replace an old tub and shower and replace it with a shower instead.

#4 - Bathroom remodel trend - Add storage

Recessed storage opens up the space for easy access to bathing accessories, towels, and washcloths.

#5 - Bathroom remodel trend - Choose antimicrobial flooring and tiles

Ceramic is the number one choice for tiles and flooring if you want to naturally destroy bacteria on contact.

#6 - Bathroom remodel trend - Open up the vertical space

By adding storage, installing a tankless water heater, or opening up the space with a shower instead of a tub, you'll make better use of energy and space in your bath.

#7 - Bathroom remodel trend - Add shower bars for seniors

According to contractors, households with seniors can make affordable upgrades by using shower bars or installing walk-in showers.

#8 - Bathroom remodel trend - Add moisture-resistant materials

Porcelain, plastic, metal, ceramic, and stone reduce problems with mold and mildew and are high on the list of contractor choices. These materials are ideal for the remodel of a primary bathroom, especially the area around the bathtub.

#9 and #10 Bathroom update trends - Upgrade your toilet and make sure it has a high-efficiency designation

The toilet uses the most water in homes. Choose a high-efficiency model that sits at the right height and has the best seat shape for extra comfort.

Final Thoughts on Renovations for the Bathroom, Eating Area, and Living Space

By putting in some effort and making small investments in upgrades, you can greatly improve the attractiveness and value of your property.

Focusing on fixtures, walls, floors and storage will make an impact without causing you financial hardship.

By investing in updates with thoughtful planning, you'll be well on your way to increasing the value and desirability of your property in only a short time.

Written by Dana Laksman

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