What You Need To Know About Kitchen Remodels In Los Angeles

You’re planning your kitchen remodeling project – new kitchen cabinets and pull out shelves, new vinyl plank flooring, new dining tables and dining room furniture from a Dining Table Store, a great new color scheme, and finally the chance to get rid of those worn-out countertops with something like new granite countertop or maybe even a quartz countertop. You can choose whatever you want since it’s your own kitchen. But, how about going further for your kitchen remodel

The buzz in LA is all about open plan living. Maybe knock through that wall and open out into the dining area. Bigger windows could let more light in. And, if you’re really ambitious, what about extending the kitchen remodeling project further out into the garden? 

Everything is possible, especially with the right designers and contractors on board — and the money of course. But, before you get too excited, remember LA has some pretty serious permitting requirements for remodeling and renovations in the home — the toughest in the US by some stretch as California aims to lead the country in sustainability. When looking for kitchen remodelers, ask if they provide warranties for their work. A nice addition to your home would be a fish tank or even better an aquarium, this dose take some work but is not super hard, I recommended to read this post to find more information .

Title 24 – the big issues

Title 24 is the one to remember. It’s a set of standards you might have to meet so your kitchen remodel complies on ‘energy conservation, green design, construction and maintenance, fire and life safety, and accessibility.’ 

That shouldn’t limit your plans, but be aware you’re going to face possible delays and costs to get through the permitting process. And, regulations and fees are not only updated regularly, they’re different depending on where you live in Los Angeles County. That’s why it pays to take professional advice on the permitting requirements your project might face. 

The good news is that regular kitchen remodels don’t face too many permitting barriers, but here’s a brief guide to help you before you start planning. 

Title 24 will have the biggest impact if your kitchen remodel requires structural work – adding a new room, taking down walls, extending out, replacing doors or windows, or making alterations to heating, cooling or water systems. 

The regulations around door or window changes are focused on energy conservation. Too many large windows compared to the floor area trigger permit requirements. But, you can make trade-offs by upgrading insulation to foam insulation with the help from the local contractors you can hire at this link, heating, or cooling systems to compensate. 

Smaller changes like new flooring or countertops won’t attract permits, but changing your lighting, pipe runs or faucets could — it’s all about energy efficiency. 

Remodeling on a hillside – the highs and lows

Permitting requirements will be even more stringent if you live on an LA hillside

Although any internal changes will require the same permits, structural changes are very different. 

You may like to consider consulting to some trusted companies like foundation inspection Grand Rapids company if you need the services of a qualified structural engineer to work out on the foundation repair requirements, do the calculations and provide plans you need to submit for your permitting application. 

There might also be issues around water supply and drainage as you have to keep any water on your property – your neighbors won’t be too pleased to be downstream of any runoff from your home. Visit callthegeneral.com/drain-cleaning/ and see if they can cater to your area for repairs.

Permits for hillside remodels can take longer and costs more because of the complexity involved. 

But, if you’re living on the level, permitting is quicker. For very simple remodels you can even obtain same-day express permits by applying online, but otherwise allow weeks or sometimes longer. Costs vary by size of project, but to help you plan there’s a fee calculator online. 

Condo remodeling – sharing and caring

There’s one more challenge for LA residents who live in a condo. Unlike a private home, you’ll have to get the agreement of your fellow homeowners, particularly if the remodel changes the outside appearance. Internally, you’re probably okay, but you’ll have to make sure the work doesn’t interfere with other residents.

Apart from being considerate about noise and mess, you’ll have to follow guidelines on working hours, parking arrangements for contractors, cleaning common areas and disposing of any waste. 

Good to go

That’s the LA permitting scene. It’s complex and it’s challenging, but once you’re through it, your remodel can progress like any other kitchen project. With your plans approved, permits in place, and professional contractors on board, you’re good to go. 

Demolition is the messy stage – out with the old to create a clean canvas for your new kitchen. Taking out cabinets, countertops and other fittings is straightforward, but if walls are coming down, the amount of dust could affect the rest of the home — be prepared. 

Taking down cabinets and countertops or rerouting pipes and cabling is likely to damage the walls, so you’re probably going to have a plasterer to make good or resurface the walls. If you’re making structural alterations, then plastering work on walls and ceilings will be more extensive. And, that will be followed up by painting before the main installation takes place.

With some great interior design stores and dining room furniture shops in LA, just like afulltable.com , you’ll have a superb choice of cabinets, quartzite countertops, modern dining room furniture, and flooring materials. When you make your Residential Flooring choice, think about the LA temperature. A wooden or vinyl plank flooring looks great, but think how cool a stone or marble flooring could be when the temperature hits the summer heights. You can order specialized flooring materials when you’re having a renovation from a credible Floor Sales store or a flooring company. I recommend you check this webstie on styling for bigger teams.

Work with the professionals 

You’re on your way to a dream kitchen, but with so many choices to make and permitting hurdles to overcome, you can really benefit from professional advice and working with a team of specialists. For instance, if you have issues with the dairy brick flooring of your kitchen, make sure that you contact the right person to fix it like a dairy brick repair contractor.

Your kitchen floor is a high foot-traffic area, so normally it easily gets dirty. In this situation, a floor cleaning contractor can help you remove stains and debris that simple cleaning cannot do. In addition, without proper sealing, the grout will quickly become dirty, break down, and even begin to crack. Make sure to have a team of Tile Grout Cleaning Service specialists to come over and clean the grout, as well as look for any inconsistencies. They will replace or repair any cracked or broken grout in all areas needed.

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