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Published December 21, 2023

6 Common Myths About Kitchen Remodeling

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You've been yearning for a new kitchen for quite some time. The outdated cabinets, cramped layout, and unsightly tile have become tiresome. However, every time you contemplate a remodel, you find yourself bombarded with fears and misconceptions. Countless horror stories circulate about budgets spiraling out of control and timelines stretching on for months.

Don't let these rumors deter you from achieving the kitchen of your dreams. In reality if you approach a renovation with realistic expectations and a well-thought-out plan, a remodel can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. By strategizing and avoiding the pitfalls that others have encountered, you'll soon find yourself cooking up delightful meals in your marvelous new space.

It's time to dismiss these myths and embrace the kitchen remodel ideas you've always desired. This reality check on a kitchen makeover will empower you with the confidence needed to bring your dream kitchen to life.

So, now is the time for remodeling your kitchen, upgrading the cabinets, planning for a new white kitchen, installing the perfect sink or opting for a major kitchen remodel supported by professional designers. You can make your kitchen remodeling project a reality.

Make Your Remodel Dreams Come True

What type of countertop would you like to install? Who should you choose as a builder? What type of layout do you want to create? Have you been looking online at inspiring kitchen renovations? If so, now--not later--is time to make an upgrade

Give that old galley new custom cabinets and make room for a kitchen island or follow a theme. How about a farmhouse kitchen design?

Make your kitchen remodel idea your own renovation, customized with new appliances - a cooking space right out of the pages of Architectural Digest.

Don't fall victim to the myths about a contemporary kitchen makeover., especially if you've got an awesome idea and a beautiful style kitchen in mind. In fact, you're sure that designers would applaud your concept, even if it highlights a narrow kitchen layout or is based on several budget kitchen remodeling ideas.

Whether you need extra kitchen storage or your own gourmet cooking space, you can experience the perfect kitchen remodel once you recognize the renovation myths that some homeowners fall for when they try to upgrade their pantry.

A remodel of your cook space does not have to be based on kitchen design deal breakers or an inefficient kitchen upgrade. You can get that French farmhouse kitchen you've always wanted and dispel any myths along these lines - myths that prevent you from moving up to a bold kitchen style or an airy farmhouse kitchen design.

Whether you desire a modern vintage kitchen or a modern kitchen update that features varied colored lower and upper cabinets, you can avoid kitchen remodel mistakes by discerning the misconceptions that keep people from embarking on kitchen makeovers and upgrades.

Myth #1: Kitchen Remodels Are Solely for Resale Value

It is often mistakenly believed that the sole purpose of remodeling a kitchen is to increase the resale value of an owner's home. However, remodeling also offers additional advantages.

Having appliances in your kitchen, such as a spacious refrigerator, a powerful range and an efficient dishwasher, can greatly enhance the cooking and cleaning experience. Stylish countertops, cabinetry and flooring also contribute to creating a space where you'll enjoy spending time.

A kitchen remodel offers more than aesthetics; it brings convenience and functionality as well. Adding features like pull-out trash cans, apron sinks and kitchen islands with seating can streamline the cooking process and make hosting easier. Additional pantry storage, counter space and designated prepping areas provide you with room to work and entertain.

While a remodel may potentially increase the value of your home over time and attract more buyers, the main reasons most homeowners undertake such projects is to upgrade their lifestyle. Therefore, it's important to prioritize how the remodel will benefit you and your family before placing more emphasis on the resale value of your home.

Myth #2: DIY Kitchen Remodels Save Money

Although DIY kitchen remodels may initially seem like a cost solution, they often end up being more expensive in the long run. Therefore, the best kitchen remodel ideas rely on professional services while helping you save money. That way, you can realize more value for your own kitchen upgrades.

Unexpected costs can catch you off guard

When attempting any remodel on your own, unforeseen issues inevitably arise.

For example, you might discover water damage behind walls, faulty wiring or plumbing issues that require repair, all which could significantly increase costs. Professional contractors have the expertise needed to anticipate these problems and factor them into their initial estimates.

Mistakes can be quite costly

If you're not highly skilled in construction, you run the risk of making errors when installing cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures or appliances. Professionals possess the training, tools and techniques that will ensure a job well done from the start.

Permits and inspections are still required, especially on a major house remodel

Don't assume that you can skip obtaining permits and inspections just because you're doing the work yourself. Failing to acquire permits may result in substantial fines while some work might need to be redone to comply with building codes in your city. You need to follow the permitting process, regardless who does the work.

It may take longer than expected when renovation kitchen changes are required

Any remodel can be an extensive undertaking; attempting it yourself while juggling your regular job and responsibilities can prolong the process for months. Professionals have the resources needed to complete a kitchen renovation in a matter of weeks.

Although a DIY kitchen remodel might seem appealing at a glance for most homeowners the additional costs involved as well as potential risks and time commitments often outweigh any potential savings.

When undertaking a project such as a kitchen remodel, it is often a wise decision to seek professional assistance.

Myth #3: The Newest Appliances Are Always the Best

Just because an appliance boasts the latest and most advanced technology does not automatically make it the optimal choice for your kitchen renovation. Being new does not always equate to being better when it comes to appliances.

Elegance versus Practicality

While the idea of having cutting edge refrigerators and a Wi-Fi enabled ovens may be enticing, consider how frequently you will actually use these features. If you don't take advantage of these high-tech capabilities, you'll essentially pay extra for nothing more than a fancy emblem on the front of your appliance. Stick with functional appliances that cater to your specific needs.

Established Reliability

Newer appliance models have not undergone testing in real homes over an extended period, so their reliability and durability remain uncertain. That's why tried-and-tested appliance models that have been on the market longer are a safer bet. Unless there is a new feature that you genuinely desire, opt for a proven and more dependable model.

Lower Expenses

With every introduction to new technologies, state-of-the art appliances often come with a substantial price tag attached. Last year's model can save you hundreds of dollars.

So, if you want to make the most out of your remodeling budget, don't fall for the misconception that newer always means better when it comes to appliances. Focus on functionality, reliability and cost-effectiveness over fancy features that you may not even use.

Myth #4: Remodels Don't Have to Break the Bank to Add Value

Don't buy into the idea that a remodel has to be expensive to significantly increase your home's value. There are budget friendly ways to transform your prep-and-cook space and still get a solid return on investment.

Prioritize changes

Concentrate on items like cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting as they have the most visual impact in most kitchens.

Replace cabinet doors and hardware or give existing cabinets a fresh coat of paint for an instant facelift.

Upgrade old laminate countertops with stone or quartz alternatives. Swap old flooring for vinyl plank or tile options. Enhance task lighting and incorporate inexpensive yet stylish and decorative pendant lights.

These types of changes will give your cooking area a modern, upgraded look, without emptying your wallet.

Consider making small but significant upgrades

Small projects like painting cabinets and walls, installing cabinet hardware and light fixtures and laying vinyl plank flooring can significantly reduce your overall expenses. You can also install a new kitchen sink and faucet at a discount and make a substantial improvement in your house.

Consider purchasing a pre-made sink, hardware and components for a first kitchen renovation

Opt for pre-made cabinet boxes, counters, backsplashes and islands as they tend to be more affordable compared to customized pieces. As long as the size of the installation fits your space, using a prefab sink, for instance, will give the prep-and-cook area in your house a polished and high-quality appearance while saving money on the overall layout at the same time.

Obtain bids and make comparisons for your kitchen remodel idea

When hiring professionals, obtain at least three bids from contractors for comparison purposes. Look for insured experts with positive reviews. However, don't automatically assume that the lowest bid is the best option. Compare what's included in each bid - consider timelines and contract terms. Find a contractor who offers a good value for your money.

Remember that achieving a budget kitchen remodel is entirely possible while still adding significant value to your home.

Common Myth #5: Remodels Take Forever

It's a misconception to believe remodels have to be major projects. With planning and the know-how of an experienced contractor, you can complete a renovation efficiently in just four to six weeks. Below are some tips to ensure that your kitchen remodel stays on track.

1. Plan ahead

Choose materials in advance. By selecting cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances ahead of time, you can avoid delays caused by waiting for orders or installation. Make sure everything is ready to go when demolition begins. You can't bring your ideas to life for that polished farmhouse kitchen if you don't stay on top of your modern kitchen idea with a plan.

2. Develop a schedule in collaboration with your contractor

The schedule you create with a contractor should include tasks such as demolition, repairs, installations, inspections and final touches. Regularly review the itinerary and ideas. Make the needed adjustments to prevent falling behind or from developing an impractical kitchen design.

3. Minimize changes once the work is underway. It's best to stick to the original design plan and for your ideas

Making alterations or additions during the remodeling process can slow down progress and increase costs. For a new and colorful kitchen refresh things after you've added the decided designer upgrades, not during the process.

4. Hire contractors or crews and an interior designer for more complex remodels

Having teams working simultaneously on different aspects of the project can help you size up your kitchen before renovations more easily. Use one team for flooring and another for cabinets, plus one more for countertops. This will help expedite the process if you've got several clever kitchen remodel ideas you wish to realize.

By following these tips and maintaining workflow throughout your kitchen remodel project, you'll be able to enjoy your updated space sooner than expected.

Dividing the tasks among workers will help speed up the overall timeline significantly.

Create a plan for inspections

Allocate time for building inspections and certifications. Make sure all paperwork and permits are prepared in advance to avoid any waiting periods. There's almost always something to fix in most kitchens.

Maintain a clean workspace

Insist your contractor clean up debris and waste on a daily basis. A cluttered and messy workspace can reduce efficiency. It can also slow down the remodeling process and can lead to safety hazards.

Stay involved throughout the project

Visit the site frequently to monitor progress and address any issues immediately. Your active participation and oversight will ensure that the remodel stays on schedule.

By planning ahead, creating a detailed schedule, minimizing changes, having additional work crews available and providing regular supervision, your remodel can be completed in under two months!

Myth #6: Kitchen Remodels Must Be Done All at Once

It is a misconception that remodels require completing every aspect of the project simultaneously. In reality, you can break down the remodel into phases to make it more affordable and less disruptive.

Dropping kitchen makeover ideas that are unaffordable at present will allow you to realize your goals and develop a more systematic approach when making upgrades.

Start with cabinets

Replacing your cabinets will have a significant impact on both the appearance and functionality of your prep-and-cook space. Focus on installing cabinetry before moving on to other tasks such as adding countertops or flooring. If you can't replace the cabinets, consider refacing them or painting them instead. This is one modern kitchen remodel idea that will make a major impact on your eating-and-cooking area and reduce the cost of the renovation.

Once you improve your cabinets, you can continue with choosing a countertop for your remodeling project. Several options are available that are inexpensive and impressive. You might consider quartz, which is a good value for the money, or a laminate countertop - an attractive option for the budget-conscious consumer. Choose from complementary countertops, a sink and hardware according to your own timeline.

Upgrade appliances individually

There's no need to purchase all stainless steel appliances at once, which can be quite expensive, costing around $10,000 or even more. Begin by replacing your essential or outdated appliances first, and buy a new stove or refrigerator. As time goes on and your budget allows, you can gradually add appliances. This approach also enables you to take advantage of sales and rebates.

Some Final Thoughts on Room Upgrades

Any remodel doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. By focusing on one area or task at a time, you'll have the opportunity to revamp your pantry and cook area at your pace without incurring high costs or dealing with the hassles of a full scale renovation.

You can take this approach, whether you're considering major or small kitchen remodel ideas. All you have to do is make room in your budget and review what projects are the most important to you.

Therefore, when it comes to remodeling projects for an old kitchen, it's important to break things down into phases. Not only does this approach help save money, it also ensures that you'll end up with a room that meets both your needs and budget. The key is to avoid the misconception that everything has to be done at once. By taking a phased approach, any remodel is realizable, whether knocking out walls or planning a cabinet installation.

Consider your needs, set a budget and work with professionals you trust to ensure kitchen renovation experiences are a success.


Written by Dana Laksman

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