Bathroom Design Trends

Long are the days that bathrooms serve as a functional room only. Todays bathroom designs and remodels incorporate focal points, artwork, unique modern fixtures and custom bathroom cabinets. If you’re building a new bathroom, you may incorporate these new designs and at the same time, plan the other details such as your septic system installation.

We all know that shower remodeling and bathroom remodeling can add value to your home, but homeowners today are seeking a more custom look and feel, while serving its original function. For more tips on bathroom remodeling, Bordner Home Improvement can help you.

Among some of the latest trends we are noticing more are free standing soaking tubs, preferably installed under a beautiful window over looking a gorgeous view. Soaking tubs create a relaxing spa like feel, while enjoying overlooking nature or city views.

Another trend we see often is floating vanities. Floating vanities are great, especially if one is remodeling a small space. An LED under mount light feature is a must. Just make sure that you consult an LED expert witness to determine which type of LED lighting is best for your home. This creates an open and airy feel, with a modern touch. Furthermore, installing a vanity under a window vs the traditional way, under a large mirror has become a common trend. If you’re looking for best quality hollywood mirrors, HD Mirrors sell the best hollywood and illuminated led mirrors available on the market, see their products here.

Another trend we see often is freestanding frameless shower glass door. Again, no walls means open airy space, especially if there is a nice window to look out off while enjoying a nice steam shower. Most homeowners today prefer larger size shower incorporating built in speakers for music, LED light features, luxurious shower doors and shower installation, hot tubs, and shampoo nooks. You may contact a glass cutting company to order customized glass doors for your shower. Most of these bathroom upgrades will affect your plumbing system so make sure to get plumbing assistance from a professional plumber. Make sure to hire the best plumber that will help you with all your plumbing needs.

If your bathroom lacks natural light, a nice sky light can be inserted above the shower, or vanity sink area. In addition, you may also want to consider placing toilet drops to maintain cleanliness and freshness of the toilet.

In 2019 we are also seeing more island style kitchen vanities and an a solar panel system power in them. Similar to Kitchen Islands, bathroom center vanities come with stone countertop, seating, storage, and outlets. These unique vanities are custom designed and tailored to customer needs

Statement walls and bold artwork is another concept we see more. Especially when designing small powder rooms, an accent wall with a different color or shell limestone adds a bold statement. You can search online for shell stone tile for sale if you’re planning to incorporate an accent wall into your new bathroom design. Adding a sophisticated art work will provide a bathroom with a nice focal point. Check out muraledesign for high-quality printed murals that would be perfect for your bathroom.

Exposed plumbing has also become a trend if you’re looking to create a more industrial look and feel. However, we are noticing more homeowners prefer Pewter and Gunmetal hardware, which create both texture and warmth.

As far as materials and colors go, we are seeing more grey and white marble, large slabs, wood vanities, and concrete you can also use for concrete plants. Basically, a mix of organic and industrial materials.

If all of your bathrooms are being renovated, you may consider getting a portable toilet rental for your workers or even for your family if you’re staying at home during the renovation.

To sum up, bathroom designs have evolved greatly over the past few years, homeowners today are seeking designs  that create a big impression, serve both function and art, and a private spa like retreat after a long work day. Looking for more information on gas boiler repair services? This company got you covered.

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