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Published August 08, 2023

Budget-Friendly Home Office Remodel Ideas

Home Remodeling by Dana Laksman


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Many people transitioned to working from home after the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home has brought about several benefits, including work life balance. However, you’d want to make the home office space the best place because it’s where you earn your living. This writing has a complete guide on various home office remodel ideas you can implement on a budget. 

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Turn a Wardrobe Into a Mini Workspace

Sometimes, a family can outgrow the space, and you find yourself converting an office into a storage space or a bedroom. What would you do to ensure you have a peaceful environment to work in? In this situation, you can opt for a simple home office remodel of an unused wall wardrobe into a workspace. Since the wardrobe has some shelves, you can set your computer on the lowest. 

On the other hand, invest in an adjustable office chair and use the upper shelves for storing your files and books. Provided the wall wardrobe space is enough for your legs, it can make the best workspace. Unfortunately, the work area can be dark because the wardrobe siding will hinder light. But you can hire an electrician to customize and install the lighting system. 

Another challenge with the wall wardrobe mini workspace is the home office space where you can host clients. Since you don't have a special separate room, you can host your visitors in the living room. But your office in the master bedroom will be an excellent solution for time management because you’ll wake up, prepare yourself, and get into your work. 

Invest in Optimal Lighting

A home office remodel cannot be without task lighting; you need to feel comfortable in an environment that mimics the commute job. To make it possible, you need to invest in good lighting. Hire an electrician for your home office project to do modern lighting in the entire room. But ensure there is natural lighting in abundance for your health. 

Natural lighting reduces eye fatigue and headaches, especially if you spend the whole day on the computer. Natural light helps trigger the release of endorphins, but the sun's position changes as time changes. So, combine the overhead lighting lamps with the large windows to balance the home office or work space lighting.  

Choose Suitable Colors

Regardless of your remote work type, you should have colors that boost your mood to increase productivity. Ideally, hire an interior designer to help you develop design ideas that mix and match your favorite colors in your dedicated workspace. The decor will help you organize the home office space well to reach your color goals. However, it shouldn’t be only about furniture, chairs, or other items. Instead, leave a blank wall that can be painted a unique and neutral color to bring balance. 

Creativity should be your priority when mixing the colors in your home office space organizing task. Place the desk near the windows to connect with nature and stimulate creative thinking. Of course, this may not be possible if you set the office in the basement. But it can be awesome if you have a spare bedroom. 

Moreover, if your job is stressful, add natural materials like wood and potted plants to help you calm your mind. Make sure there is the art of what you do or photos because they will motivate you to accomplish your purpose and earn money. If that isn’t possible, an accent wall can play a bigger role in reminding you about your goal. 

Reduce the Noise Levels

A workspace should be a quiet environment where you can concentrate and handle your project without distractions. As such, you should have your dedicated home office workspace soundproofed if you have other people in the house. Basement home offices are the best if natural light isn’t your concern because basements are always quiet. 

On the other hand, you can purchase soundproofing materials and ensure the space is quiet enough for the work without distractions. But if you cannot entirely cancel the household noise outside the home office, you can invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Also, you can avoid setting the office in rooms near the entertainment or the living room. Ideally, go for an upstairs room, specifically the spare bedroom, and find the best remodeling ideas to suit your interests. 

Create Ample Storage

Clutter will accumulate fast if you don't have ample storage in your home office. Invest in a file cabinet matching your room colors, a side table, or an adjustable standing desk where you can store extra books. However, if you have limited space in your new home office, install floating shelves on the upper parts. 

A good home office storage space should be organized to save you time. This is the place you can hold online video calls, conferencing, and meetings with your boss, clients, or colleagues. You may also need framed areas to pin certificates of your past achievements or bulletin boards for educational purposes. Additionally, have bins, baskets, and other portable organizers to help you save space in the room. 

Add a Coffee or a Tea Station

You don't need to visit the kitchen regularly after the home office remodel. You must save time by having a coffee station in the office where you can seep coffee and proceed to work. And on the other hand, you do not need to risk spilling coffee on your computer keyboard or valuable documents. A simple table can make the best coffee station to hold a small flask and a cup. 

However, food can bring about distractions in a home office. Set the table in the corner or near the bedroom office entrance, according to your personal preference. But coordinate the location with the outlets because you’ll need a coffee maker or an electric kettle in the office. 

Computer Ergonomics

As a computer user, you must have discovered hunching over a laptop in a short or a long table isn’t very comfortable work style. But a home office design that adheres to the basic principles of computer ergonomics can make you more comfortable. Ideally, invest in a home office chair and desk that will help you reduce back pain and injuries because you will spend a lot of time in the office. 

As a rule of thumb, purchase a monitor because it can be more comfortable than a laptop. Top your monitor screen at an eye level on your desk and arm’s length away. Your knees should be level with your thighs to stay comfortable all day. If you’re on a budget, invest in an ergonomic chair that comfortably supports your sitting position. 

Personal Touches

Home office spaces that truly feel unique should have personal touches like motivational quotes. You can set a whiteboard around or add some stickers with motivational sayings to keep you focused on your goal. Other personal touches include your favorite photos, bold wallpaper, area rug, and art. You may also set a place for rest.


A home office remodel should be simple but worth your investment. Remember, this is the area you’ll spend most of your time doing remote work and earning to feed your family. It should make you comfortable and motivate you whenever you get in to start the work. Additionally, the home office design ideas should give a cool vibe because you would want to rest inside with your best friend and have some talks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an old office look new?

Invest in modern and trendy furniture as well as accessories. On the other hand, install modern lighting like LED lamps and have some potted plants around to balance the space. The color should boost your mood and appeal to the clients or visitors. Nevertheless, you can have an audio system to calm your mind with music if you feel overwhelmed. 

How can I improve my small home office?

Install floating shelves and portable organizers around your small home office to save space. On the other hand, you can reduce the number of furniture and appliances to allow space for your clients. Moreover, reduce the paperwork by shifting to digital storage because papers take up much space. Digital storage can also reduce your total cost of office expenses.

Written by Dana Laksman

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