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Published June 11, 2024

How to Plan a Backyard Remodel That You'll Love for Years

Home Remodeling by Dana Laksman


Take a look at your back yard. Does the outdoor space make you feel serene, or overwhelmed? Does it make you comfortable, or does it make you want to go back inside?

Is there somewhere to catch rays, somewhere to sit in the shade, somewhere to be active, and somewhere to rest? How comfortable would you be if the sun were shining? If it were raining? If the wind was blowing?

If you are discontented with the answers to these questions, it's time to consider making the most of your property by creating a comfortable outdoor living space. A backyard makeover is a way to expand the comfort and useability of your land, vastly increasing the degree to which you can truly enjoy your home.

Your backyard renovation can change your life for the better, giving you more opportunities to enjoy the health benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and the earth. Renovate your outdoor space and create a lifestyle that integrates comfort with your love of nature. Whether you want a pool, and outdoor kitchen or just a comfortable place to sit, your backyard remodel can bring vast value to your property, and great quality to your life.

Create Comfort In Your Outdoor Living Space

Let's face it: on the surface, the indoors is often simply more comfortable than the outdoors. Early in spring you might sometimes take a lawn chair and sit in the sun, but by June you are probably tired of squinting against the relentless rays; you're tired of your book pages being turned by the wind; and the cushions on your lawn furniture is often damp.

How can you make your outdoor living space more welcoming and enjoyable year round?

Sheltering hardscape is a great way to use your backyard makeover to mitigate the discomforts that make your outdoor space unpleasant at certain times of the year and the day.

Shade: Create a Retreat from the Sun

The sun is the source of life on earth. Unfortunately, for a substantial part of the year, it can also become unbearable in many parts of the world. Your backyard remodel will be left as an empty space outside your home for much of the day if you don't create a shady area where you can retreat when the sun is too much for your skin and eyes.

Sheltering Your Outdoor Space

There are different types of shade and which one will work for you depends on your goals. A mature tree might seem like the perfect solution, but it takes many years for a tree to grow to a size that can consistently create shade; do you want to wait five to ten years while your trees get up to size?

Other answers include roofed decks, arbors, and gazebos or pavilions. Consider these amazing choices that can create either dappled shade from an arbor covered with fast growing vines, or the deep shadow and shelter from rain that a roof can provide.

Shelter: Fences Break the Wind and Create Seclusion

Depending on your location and surroundings, your outdoor living space may be uncomfortable because of exposure. Maybe the wind is constantly blowing, drying out your plants, putting out your grill flame in your outdoor kitchen, dropping debris in your pool and kicking dust into your eyes. Or maybe the main problem is a lack of privacy and you don't like to be a neighborhood spectacle while sunbathing by the pool.

A fence is more than just an obstacle. It can focus your view on the best aspect by covering unsightly parts of the surrounding landscape; it can make the sounds of a nearby highway more muted; and it can break up the wind, making it drop its load of dust and debris somewhere other than right in your pool.

Stability: Decks and Patios

It's so disappointing to purchase patio furniture and set it up, only to find that the ground is too uneven for comfortable seating. One leg of the chair is always sinking into the dirt, or a leg of the table ends up on a rock, creating a tilted top that's not safe for drinks.

To solve this, consider a new deck or patio as part of your backyard renovation. With modern construction and materials it is easier than ever to create a level, smooth place to set up a table and chairs, lay out a yoga mat, and make a good area for rolling items like large rolling planters, a grill or a drink cart.

Once you have the structure of a deck or patio, other improvements become much more possible. Create an outdoor kitchen, install a fire pit, arrange a seating area overlooking the small yard and flower beds--the foundation of a solid deck or patio opens many opportunities for comfort and beauty.

A Functional Backyard Makeover: Creating the Space Where You Want to Be

Your landscaping project is an amazing opportunity for home improvement. An outdoor focal point can give all the windows of the house more purpose, with something beautiful outdoors that draws the eye; and a space that is welcoming in all kinds of weather will make your whole home feel more spacious as people move more freely in and out.

Outdoor kitchens and al fresco dining multiply your enjoyment of food, especially in an impeccably designed outdoor living space. The best backyard makeovers exponentially increase the functionality and comfort of your property. Plan your backyard remodel and be ready to enjoy your land this summer.

Written by Dana Laksman

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