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Published August 11, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Home Remodel and Renovate?

Home Remodeling by Dana Laksman


It's always nice to fix up your home, but you should always think about the degree to which you do it. Think about if you want to give your home an updated look or completely change the inside. Find out what the best option is to help you get things in order. If you just purchased your home, your home upgrade projects should include changing locks with help of a professional locksmith. Here's the difference between home remodel and renovate.

Home Remodel

While on the surface, it seems like remodel and renovate are the same, they're different. You might need someone from rl remodeling to help you get started. With remodeling, you change the use of space. If it's a bathroom, you may completely alter the structure to fit more things or make space for a different room. You have to go from square one and create a floor plan to finish things off. For basement conversions, they should always include basement waterproofing services to avoid potential damage to the property. Also, think of the functionality. Do you have an open kitchen, but it doesn't have an island? You'll want to create an island to put your pots and pans. Maybe you want that place to be your prep area for making dinner and dessert. The process may involve gutting and removing walls, concrete lifting or installing a new foundation. For this type of change in your house, you may need professional assistance from a concrete contractor. They'll help you save money and keep you from getting injured. Specific remodeling jobs require an expert's touch to help prevent the project from becoming a money pit. If you're planning a major remodeling project and you need a space where you can temporarily keep your belongings in, there are storage units you can rent for the duration of the project.

Home Renovation

If your home is looking a bit rundown, a home renovation may be a better choice. You're not tearing down whole structures in your home. It focuses more on tasks like a residential roof repair and vinyl siding installation to make your home look brand-new. Renovating is a bit easier because you can do many things by yourself. After a quick trip to the hardware store, you can start adding a new coat of paint, resurfacing cabinets, putting in new lights, starting a new home window installation and home window replacement project, installing new window shades, and creating some new finishes in your home including new siding. The idea isn't to completely change everything but rather update it. If you're updating the kitchen, maybe you're repainting or resurfacing the cabinets, redoing the floor, and putting in a new refrigerator and oven. For the bathroom, you may be thinking of an accessible bathtub installation for the elderly or disabled family members. A home renovation project is giving the house a facelift rather than a complete transformation. For example, an in stock hardwood floor installation or a new cincinnati window installation can give your living room a fresh look, or you can hire a Residential Concrete Construction company to give your driveway a makeover. It takes time and money to get both remodeling and renovating done. However, renovation is less work and usually less costly too. Though there are renovation projects that don't require professionals, you should carefully consider which ones you can do on your own. If it's a roof repair or roofing replacement, assess the complexity of the work to determine whether or not it's best to let an expert do it. Normally, a roof repair or even a new aluminum gutter installation can be done ourselves, but if you you have no experience, then it is best to hire a professional commercial roof repair service. Create a budget and see what areas of the home need the most improvement. It'll help you decide whether you need to remodel things completely or just spruce things up with a renovation. Finally, whether you do a renovation or a remodeling project, make sure that you rent roll off dumpsters for the cleanup during and after the construction.

Written by Dana Laksman

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