Surviving a Kitchen Remodel While Living in Your Home

painting design inspirationYour kitchen is the heart of your home, and most of the time the first room one notices when walking in. We all know that an updated and remodeled kitchen adds value to your home. For most homeowners who choose to remodel their kitchen, moving out during the process is not an option due to the added expenses, and living at home during the process creates many challenges. Living without a functioning kitchen due to remodel can  be challenging. Over the years we’ve learned that planning ahead, choosing the right time for the project, and hiring the right contractor can make the process much easier. Some of the key factors to consider are:

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Prepare and freeze meals in advance.

A functional freezer can be a godsend during a kitchen remodel,  particularly if you take the time to prepare and freeze meals in advance. From casseroles to lasagnas to pot pies, these can easily be popped into the microwave and defrosted for a healthy, hearty and home-cooked family dinner any night of the week.

Set up a temporary kitchen.

Why make do without a kitchen when you can set up a temporary space instead? If you have a sink in your utility room, basement or garage, consider turning it into a makeshift kitchen. Think practical, not pretty: Instead of disposing of your old cabinets, ask your contractor to relocate them to this part of your home for the time being. A piece of plywood laid on top of the cabinets becomes a work surface.

Keep kitchen items handy.

Once you’ve set up your temporary kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that it’s stocked with necessities, including your go-to cooking equipment, plates and utensils, and paper towels. Store these items in clear plastic containers so you can easily locate them when you need them. Pack everything else away to maximize organization and minimize mess.

Cook (and dine) al fresco.

If your kitchen remodel takes place during warm weather, barbecuing is a fun and festive way to make the most of the season — and your time without a kitchen. Or, consider planning and packing a weekly picnic.

Get creative.

If you’re like most people, you may have found yourself in the occasional cooking rut. Use your time without a kitchen to think outside the box. Panini makers, for example, are inexpensive, portable and perfect for making tasty sandwiches. Buying or borrowing a camping cook stove, meanwhile, can help you pull off more ambitious meals.

Find dining deals.

Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself eating out more than usual during your kitchen renovation. However, this doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget. Instead, scour your local paper for take-out coupons and dine-in promotions, such two-for-one deals and “kids eat free with an adult” nights. Taking advantage of these specials is a simple way to avoid overspending.

Choose the right contractor.

It’s important to hire the right contractor for your kitchen remodel. Be sure to check the contractor’s experience in your area. Read the reviews, and browse their kitchen gallery for painting design inspiration. A good contractor will have active social media accounts featuring all the latest design trends and styles. In addition, your chosen contractor should provide you with local references in your area.

Hire a contractor who works around your schedule. For example, you should expect your contractor to hold off on starting your kitchen remodel, including any demo of your current kitchen, until all the materials are delivered to the job site. This will ensure you’ll have a shorter time without a working kitchen. Your contractor should also be respectful of your space by covering walkways and furniture to avoid dust and damage, and by cleaning up each day before they leave. They should show up on time, and only perform noisy tasks during reasonable hours when they’re less likely to be a nuisance to the neighbors.

One last thing to keep in mind about your remodeling project– hiring the right kitchen contractor can make all the difference. When you choose RL Remodeling, you are assigned an experienced dedicated project manager who will serve as your main contact for the entire duration of your project. This not only ensures that we will understand your kitchen remodel goals, but also that we will be readily available to help you achieve them.


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