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Published March 08, 2022

Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Backyard

Backyard Remodels by Dana Laksman


Many homeowners have the desire to make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable. As such, they come up with a plan to renovate their home.  Some choose to renovate their front yard, while others consider backyard remodeling If you also desire to renovate your backyard, you need to be aware of the benefits of such a project.  Some of those benefits are listed below.

A New Entertaining Space While Adding Value

Did you know that a backyard pool can increase the value of your home from 7% to 15%? That's a significant increase!  If installing a pool is not in your budget, you can still create an entertaining space for yourself and your guests.  For example, add an outdoor kitchen or grilling area if your lot allows for it. You could even add a fire pit or fireplace. Adding some plants will make the area more inviting too. It doesn't have to be major landscaping either — just some flowers in pots or some well-placed potted trees will do the trick.

More Living Space

A good renovation will make your backyard more functional so that you and your family can use it for more activities.  For example, if you have children, you might want to add a play area for them.  Or, if you like to cookout, you might want to add an outdoor kitchen and dining area so that everyone can enjoy their meals outside.  There are many ways to improve the functionality of your yard by just adding a few key features.

You Could End Up Saving Money

Renovating your backyard can also save you money if done correctly.  For instance, adding energy-efficient windows or an insulated door could improve your home's energy efficiency and save you money on utility bills.  There are fewer air leaks in the house, allowing warm air to escape during the winter or cold air to get in during the summer.

Improve Your Health

People who spend more time outdoors tend to be happier and healthier.  Research shows that fresh air and sunshine can help boost moods, reduce anxiety and stress, encourage exercise and make people feel more relaxed overall.  Spending time outside can help improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure and help protect against obesity.


Luckily, with all the exciting developments in the home renovation industry, both do-it-yourselfers and veterans of home renovations will be able to find qualified and skilled help. With this in mind, before you begin to remove that ugly carpet or un-stain those patio tiles yourself, think about hiring a backyard professional. You'll be amazed by how much time your money will save.

Written by Dana Laksman

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